Most Common Types Of Cyber Security Threats

There are many types of Cyber Security threats that exist today. Here we will discuss the most common types of Cyber Security threats. But before explaining them, let me first explain what a Cyber Security threat is. Then we will go on to discuss various threats currently Cyber Security professionals are fighting. 

Most Common Types Of Cyber Security Threats 

What is a Cyber Security threat?

A Cyber Security threat is a possibility of a malicious attack on networks, systems, and data that holds the potential to disrupt the operations, accessibility, or render the data useless. A Cyber Security attack is conducted by an individual or a group that unlawfully gains access to these systems, secured environments, and confidential data. These could be hacking groups, terrorist groups, criminal organizations, ex-employees, etc. Check out the IT Security course to help you get up to speed with the latest security features, techniques, and tools to help you stay ahead of your peers. 

Equifax’s breach of 2017 was one of the high-profile hacks in recent history. The Equifax breach compromised the security of 143 million customers’ data that included birth dates, addresses, social security numbers, etc. 

Marriott Hotels in 2018 disclosed that a hacker group compromised their security, and hackers were inside their environment for quite a long time. They stole the data of 500 million customers. 

If we look at the cause of these cyber attacks, the prominent reason which comes up very often is the lack of proper implementation of Cyber Security strategies. Companies and businesses both, small and big-ones, sideline the primary security issues, hoping to fend off the problem without any proper strict regulations. Organizations must ensure that they have the right security strategies in place, firewalls installed, encrypted, authenticated, software updated, etc. 

Cyber Security professionals protect a company or organization’s environment from unauthorized access and ensure patching of loopholes, which is vital to fending off any Cyber Security threat. 

Common types of Security threats 

Security threats challenge the normal and optimal functionalities and operations of a business. Some of these threats are widespread and popular modes used by hackers to steal data. We will discuss these threats in detail here: 


Malware is, without a doubt, the biggest threat to any business or company. They are malicious software such as spyware, viruses, ransomware, worms, etc. They are designed to cause harm to the end system or server. Once Malware activates, it could block access to major network components, disrupt various parts, render them inoperable, and even add extra software that reduces the speed to very low, etc.

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SQL Injection 

SQL Injection or Structured Query Language Injection is a type of Cyber Security attack that is caused by inserting malicious code by hackers that results in producing unauthorized results. Cybercriminals do this by entering malicious codes into a simple search box of a website. 

Denial Of Service

Denial of Service or a DoS attack is a type of attack wherein hackers flood a computer and render it useless to a point that it can’t respond even to legit requests. There is another form of attack like DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service that is a form of threat that is done from a network. Sometimes, the hackers use DDoS attacks to kill the systems, disable the network and use the time to launch other attacks. 


Phishing attacks are rising and getting a boost due to increasing social media penetration. Phishing uses techniques to trick the user into believing a fake email or text is a legit one. The goal of the attacker is to install the malicious code or malware into the recipient’s system to steal sensitive credentials. 

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Man in the Middle 

Man in the Middle attacks is one of the most prominent attacks that are a threat to Cyber Security measures. This form of attack happens when the hackers place themselves between two-party transactions. This attack allows the attacker to steal the data while in transit or manipulate or filter it and send it to the other party. Usually, this attack happens over unsecured WiFi. 

Weak Passwords 

Passwords are vulnerable to attacks. If they are not strong enough, they are likely to be compromised and used to steal sensitive information and data. Hackers steal these passwords by conducting social engineering techniques. These techniques trick users to click on legit-looking links, emails, or popups. In any way, they have to get you to download the malicious files to your system to hack into your system, network, or server using the password. For a strong organization or business, they have to start by implementing strong passwords and must be changed at regular intervals. 


Cyber Security measures evolve with time with the inclusion of new technologies like the Internet of Things, Big Data, etc. So professionals who wish to make their career in Cyber Security must be equipped with the right knowledge and tools to fight these threats and assess the security structure of the organization.