4 Major Cloud Security Challenges and Solutions To Tackle Them

Major Cloud Security Challenges and Solutions To Tackle Them. There has been an upward trend across the globe as companies are switching over to cloud-based solutions from traditional in-house data storage and analysis approaches. Cloud Computing is a technology that enables companies to store their data and shift workloads outside of the on-premise environment. This approach takes away huge expenses and effort, making way for more streamlined operations and increased profit margins. 

Major Cloud Security Challenges

But security is a key concern for all these companies as they continue to rely on these dynamic offerings from various popular cloud service providers like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure from Microsoft, and GCP (Google Cloud Platform). If you wish to become a Cloud Security expert, I recommend you to take up CCSP Online Course. It will help you become a certified member of the most esteemed Non-Profit organizations in Digital Security, i.e. (ISC)2. 

Cloud Security Challenges

It’s understandable that cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP follow the highest standards within the Cloud Security space. Yet, organizations relying on these service providers must be cautious and take extra precautions to fend off any unauthorized activity with their confidential data. Here we will discuss major Cloud Security challenges that organizations face: 

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

These IAM tools and services enable businesses to enforce policy-driven protocols that overlook all users within an organization who wish to access both on-premises and cloud-based services. The underlying feature of IAM is that it can track all users by actively monitoring them and restricting them when needed while the user is interacting with the services. 

Data loss prevention

These data loss prevention or DLP services enable organizations to ensure the security of cloud data. These services use various solutions like data encryption, alerting, and other preventive measures to protect data at rest or in transit. 

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM helps organizations in offering a comprehensive approach for security orchestration solutions. These offerings help in automated threat monitoring, detection, and response within cloud-based environments. This mechanism uses advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help ease the burden on the security team, thereby enabling them to react to potential threats quickly. 

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Despite putting in their best efforts, organizations couldn’t be sure of preventing any unauthorized activities within a cloud-based environment. So as a part of a comprehensive security strategy, businesses must develop a reliable disaster recovery strategy using various tools to ensure that business runs smoothly without facing a blackout or disruptions while cleaning up the mess in the back end. 

Evident from the numerous cloud breaches in recent times that happened to top global organizations. So these challenges must be tackled by every organization that is going to decide to offload their data from an on-premise environment to cloud-based offerings. If you are interested in taking up Cloud Security, begin with a CCSP Tutorial to help you get started. 


Cloud systems and services are far more secure, stable, and reliable when compared to their on-premise counterparts. But solely depending on their security protocols or policies is a blind decision that could cost businesses a fortune and loss of reputation from their customers. Data breaches or security vulnerabilities put businesses on the back foot that will push back the organization in all their growth strategy. So along with implementing all services and solutions in advancing their business, each one must ensure that the data that they are storing in these cloud services remain safe. 

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