Wise Auto Shutdown Crack + Serial Key Full Version {Latest-2024}

Wise Auto Shutdown Crack is a Windows computer automatic shutdown tool developed by Wise Company. The computer may be powered off, restarted, logged out of, hibernated, or placed into sleep mode. The Windows version of Smart Auto Shutdown is complete. It may be shut down in several different ways depending on the restrictions you establish for each activity. Here is the most recent version of Wise Auto Shutdown available from its developers. The feature of Wise Auto Shutdown Reminder might help you avoid such predicaments. Don’t forget to choose “Tick” in the box at the bottom left!

Wise Auto Shutdown Crack

Wise Auto Shutdown Crack With License Key Free Download

Wise Auto Shutdown for windows 10 free download is a feature that can be extremely useful for computer users and IT professionals alike. It allows you to plan when your computer will automatically turn off, which can save energy and time. With the auto shutdown, you can schedule your computer to power down at a specific hour every day or even on certain days of the week. This means that if you are tired after working late hours or don’t want to wait for your laptop battery to completely drain, you can set it up to shut down at a designated time. Additionally, auto shutdown helps prevent data loss from unexpected shutdowns caused by power outages or overheating problems. By pre-programming, the system to turn off at specific times ensures that any unsaved work won’t be lost in the event of an emergency shutdown.

The program also offers customizable options to meet different user requirements such as setting up multiple shutdown tasks at once or delaying execution until certain conditions are met. Additionally, it allows users to create one-time and repetitive tasks with precise timing accuracy. Moreover, it comes with several advanced features like auto-closing applications before shutting down and password protection to keep other users from accessing the settings interface.

Wise Auto Shutdown Full Crack

Wise Auto Shutdown Crack With Serial Key Free {Updated 2024}

The benefit of using Wise Auto Shutdown windows 7 is that it streamlines the process of powering down one’s computer on a schedule. Not only can users set a specific time for their system to shut down, but they can also choose from several different options such as hibernation, logging off, or restarting the PC. This feature helps ensure that users’ systems remain secure when away from home or work and prevents any unnecessary power wastage due to forgotten PCs being left running overnight. You May Also Like To Download Wondershare PDF Password Remover Crack.

Wise Auto Shutdown Free Download is not a simple timed shutdown software. In addition to calling out the interface again by clicking this icon, you can also use the icon’s right-click menu to quickly shut down and restart. For those who want to shut down before the automatic action is performed, These two menu items are also more useful. The users can also choose to postpone the execution of the task according to the actual situation. The users can also choose to postpone the execution of the task according to the actual situation.

Wise Auto Shutdown Cracked Full Review:

Once you’ve clicked the link, you can start using the Wise Auto Shutdown Keygen right away. Timed shutdown, hibernation, restart, and log-out are all possible system actions. The size is manageable, and it works well with a wide variety of other devices. We warmly invite any of your friends who might benefit from this to go ahead and get it and try it out If you need software that will shut down your computer when it reaches a certain time, Wise Auto Shutdown is a great option. Most importantly, Wise Auto Shutdown will provide a warning 5 minutes before the scheduled activity is carried out, ensuring that you are not caught off guard. Latest Updated Wondershare Recoverit Crack

The time you choose for the Wise Auto Shutdown Serial Number may be adjusted to your liking. Users may schedule the job to run at a regular interval, such as once per day, or they can schedule it to run at a specific moment, such as when the computer is idle or a few hours from now. Wise Auto Shutdown is designed to ensure that you are not caught off guard by its automated shutdown features by providing a warning 5 minutes before the scheduled activity is carried out.

We advise using Wise Auto Shutdown Windows 10, a free and effective automated shutdown program. Many common computer activities, such as downloading many huge files late at night when you don’t want to keep checking on them, call for the usage of the scheduled shutdown feature. A computer that is programmed to shut down at regular intervals is a highly practical option nowadays.

Scheduling With Wise Auto Shutdown:

Wise Auto Shutdown Keygen makes it easy and convenient to handle computer shutdowns via the use of task scheduling. Users may schedule customized power-down actions to occur at certain times. After the schedule is set, the application will run without further user intervention to carry out the predetermined actions.

The computer may be turned off once a job is finished or while it is not in use to save power, both of which are possible using the program’s scheduling function. It may also be used to help people remember special dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Wise Auto Shutdown keys allow the user to schedule the shutdown of their computer or laptop at a certain time and date.

Wise Auto Shutdown Kay Features:

  • Everyone who uses a computer may benefit greatly from the usage of Wise Auto Shutdown.
  • It may help you control your computer’s power consumption and shut it down at a predetermined period to save energy.
  • With this function, you may easily avoid accidentally leaving your computer on all day or night.
  • Wise Auto Shutdown Cracked also lets you set up recurring actions to keep your PC optimized and protected on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Overall, Wise Auto Shutdown provides an effective means to conserve power and money while maintaining your computer’s smooth operation.
  • To better control when your computer shuts down, use the user-friendly Wise Auto Shutdown.
  • Users may simply schedule when their computers will power down at certain times.
  • Among its many functions is the option to power down the computer at a predetermined time, or to do it automatically.
  • In addition, it contains a hibernation function and provides users with a variety of shutdown modes from which to choose.
  • Users who are often away from their laptops or who just want peace of mind about leaving it on for extended periods will find this feature quite useful.
  • After reaching the set time, in addition to automatic shutdown, it can also restart, log out, hibernate, power off, and sleep.
  • The time setting is very flexible you can choose to perform repeated actions every day.
  • You can choose to perform them at a specified time even shut down after a few hours and a few minutes from now.
  • Remind you before automatic shutdown this function is generally better checked.
  • The game will automatically shut down without saving half of the game.
  • I believe everyone will be furious.

What’s New:

  • Wise Auto Shutdown Activation key is a free tool that allows you to schedule when your computer should shut down, restart, sleep, or log out.
  • This program has been updated with several new features and improvements.
  • The first new function is called Silent Mode, and it lets you schedule a power down without giving you any advance warning.
  • You can also set it up so that the program will exit after completing the scheduled task without prompting for further action.
  • This helps save time and makes sure that no other programs interfere with its scheduled shutdown process.
  • Another new feature of Wise Auto Shutdown Serial Code is its interface redesign, which now has an improved look and feel.
  • The main window offers more information about upcoming tasks, such as when they are scheduled and the amount of time remaining until they are executed.


  • It’s hassle-free and cost-free to use.
  • Third, it has an auto-shutdown function for when the computer has been idle for too long.
  • There are many ways to power down the system, including restarting, sleeping, hibernating, and logging off.
  • The application has a reminder function that may be used to encourage users to take frequent breaks from their computers.


  • The free version is limited in features compared to the paid version.
  • It does not work on Mac computers or devices using Android operating systems.
  • The program may conflict with other applications installed on your system, causing potential problems


Q1: How do I install Wise Auto Shutdown?

  • A: Wise Auto Shutdown installs easily. Install the file from its website. Launch it from your desktop or start the menu after it’s done.

Q2: Can I customize my shutdown settings?

  • A: Yes! Personalize your shutdown settings. You may configure a hotkey to open the software and shut down your computer by time or job completion.


This article concludes that Wise Auto Shutdown Cracked is a trustworthy and simple Windows shutdown program. It lets users schedule computer shutdowns, restarts, logoffs, and hibernations. It also has automated scheduling, password security, and energy savings. For optimal power management, Wise Auto Shutdown is a great option. Users like the software, which is updated often. Wise Auto Shutdown is suitable for everyone who requires power management capabilities without complicated setup or configuration.

Wise Auto Shutdown Review Plus Guide Tutorial

How To Install & Activated Wise Auto Shutdown Crack?

  1. Get the setup file for free by clicking the Download button or by using IDM Crack.
  2. First of all, extract the Haozip file you have downloaded.
  3. Disable Your Antivirus before running the program.
  4. Now make sure that you have Turned off your internet connection.
  5. Drag and drop the dmg file into your app folder.
  6. Run This Setup File And Follow All the Given Steps.
  7. Registered This Software With the Help of Given Crack/Keygen.
  8.  Putting Together This Structure. Simply restart your computer and start using the program.
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