Winautomation Professional Plus Crack v9.2.4.5905 + License Key {updated}

Winautomation Professional Plus Crack v9.2.4.5905 is a computer automatic operator specially designed for Windows systems. It is very powerful and can be perfectly compatible with win7/win8/win10. You can hand over your work to robots, check websites capture data, and output it to Excel, then add it to the database, or copy, move, edit, rename, zip, or unzip each file, as long as you want. It utilizes the data set update email. Information, applications open at a foreordained time, to change the size of the application, and the terms set for the robot to catch screenshots. Simultaneously, you can pass on your work to a robot to do it for you.

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Winautomation Professional Plus 9 Crack With Key Full Version {2024}

WinAutomation Serial Key Free Download also includes many Windows automation functions, such as automatically opening programs, operating browsers, automatically filling in Forms, automatic mouse clicks, automatic keyboard keys, automatic data processing, automatic mailing, scheduled tasks, etc. In addition, the software has a wealth of predefined built-in options for users to choose from, with powerful image recognition technology to provide you with real visual operations.

WinAutomation Professional Plus License Key is effective for personal testing, and friends in need can download it with confidence. Compared with the previous version, the new Winautomation has added many new features, such as the use of cryptographic operations to protect the processing of sensitive data, or the use of cyber-erk vaults to protect and store passwords.

Winautomation Full Version Crack free

WinAutomation 9 License Key includes a cracked patch, which can perfectly activate the software, allowing users to use all functions. As well as new widening and improved application management, now with the ability to automate legacy systems, mainframes, and databases with new integrations with best-of-breed Cognitive Services for a better user experience. Help you with what a robot needs to do. You May Also Like To Download  WinDataReflector Crack Crack.

Winautomation Professional Plus 9 Crack With Serial Key {Updated}

WinAutomation Professional Plus Keygen is a Windows-based PC stage computerization programming that permits you to fabricate and foster the robot. Take a look at the site and catch the information and result from it into Excel, then, at that point, add it to the data set. Duplicate, move, alter, rename, compress, Decompression shrivel each document, and utilize every single imaginable way. Compose and alter Excel documents, speak with SQL information bases, and control text records.

It can help you achieve almost anything. Bots can do the assignments they give you very much like genuine clients. Make a hotkey to finish different bot assignments, know when the site is down, and… different errands you can program the bot for. Some robot errands this method did can do the accompanying: fill Web structures with nearby information fields, recovery, and investigation of electronic messages.

WinAutomation Professional Plus Key Features:

  • Robot Compiler, which allows users to compile any robot into a standalone .net Exe file that can be distributed and run on other computers.
  • The automatic login function will unlock or log in to the workstation before running the robot.
  • Safe screen feature, which enhances the security of robots that are scheduled to run unattended without the user seeing the screen
  • This option will turn the screen blue while the robot is running, the only visible window will be the notification window.
  • Password protects the robot, which allows users to set a password for the robot and protect sensitive data, once the password is set,
  • The user will be able to run the robot normally, but to edit the password, they will be prompted to enter the password.
  • The maximum running time of the robot, allows the user to set the maximum running time of the robot to avoid the situation where it does not perform as expected.
  • Concurrency strategy and queuing robots, according to which the user can limit the number of concurrently running robot instances
  • Once the set limit instance is reached, he can choose to queue or discard the robot.
  • Error handling in the robot, allowing specific actions to be performed when the robot fails.
  • Find Bots feature to search for bots within the database.
  • Allow the user to set a schedule for the robot to run at a specific period.
  • Various more advanced actions.
  • A visual robot editor that lets you build automated robots using drag and drop.
  • More than 200 predefined operations are combined for easy robot construction.
  • A macro recorder that lets you record user interactions to easily automate tasks.
  • UI automation technology allows you to directly deal with different controls within the window.
  • Web recorder that allows you to record your activities as you browse the web and turn it into a bot.


  • Automatically fill in the webform and submit it according to the set local file.
  • Collect and extract data from any web page to Excel or text files.
  • You can operate any desktop application according to the preset mouse clicks and keyboard actions.
  • Automatically retrieve and analyze your emails, updating the database according to the data contained in the emails.
  • Copy, move, edit, rename, zip, unzip, and edit files and folders wherever possible.
  • According to the schedule, automatically open FTP transfer, download, and upload a file or the entire folder.
  • Automatically start the application, and you can move, zoom, close, etc. to perform various operations on the window, and you can also take screenshots.
  • Read and write Excel files, automatically connect to SQL databases, and edit text files.
  • Mission scheduler that allows you to schedule and execute robots while away.
  • Triggers to monitor the system and respond to events (eg, file creation or modification, hotkey pressing, when the system is idle, etc.).
  • The integrated debugger inspects and debugs your tasks at runtime.
  • Support variables and data types.
  • Automatically log in to unlock/log in to the workstation when running the robot.
  • Advanced flow control functions, conditions, loops, nested loops, and functions.
  • Advanced error handling to create bots to make up for and handle errors gracefully.

What’s New

  • Latest version: Winautomation Professional Plus v9.2.4.5905.
  • Developed by: Winautomation.
  • Purpose: Automate tasks efficiently.
  • New features and enhancements:
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Improved performance.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Remote scripting support: access automation projects from any device with a web browser or mobile app.
  • Excel data extraction support: extract data from spreadsheets quickly and accurately without manual input.


  • Increased automation capabilities with complete integration of Excel, Outlook, and other Windows programs.
  • Streamlined processes that reduce manual errors.
  • Easy to use web-based user interface.
  • Enhanced performance and scalability for large IT environments.
  • Robust security features to protect confidential data.


  • Costly subscription fees to access full features of the software.
  • Requires technical expertise to configure the automation processes properly.
  • Limited support options are available if issues arise while using the software.
  • Restricted compatibility with certain third-party applications or software systems within a given IT environment.
  • Difficulty in keeping up with frequent updates and changes made to the program’s interface or functionalities over time


Q1: The first question is: How do I get started?

  • A: The Winautomation Professional Plus website includes thorough installation and setup instructions. Tutorials and forums help advanced users too.

Q2: The second question is: Does it run on Mac OS?

  • A: Winautomation Professional Plus is Windows-only. Even without Windows, you may use many of its capabilities remotely through the web interface or mobile applications.


In conclusion, Winautomation Professional Plus Cracked is a powerful automation tool that can help streamline processes in the workplace and increase productivity. Its features include task scheduling, intuitive visual design tools, a script editor, and an API for custom integrations. With these features, users can easily automate repetitive tasks with little to no coding knowledge required. Additionally, it comes with built-in security measures including data encryption and secure logins for extra protection. Overall, Winautomation Professional Plus Crack is an ideal choice for those looking to simplify their workflow processes and boost efficiency.

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  8.  Putting Together This Structure. Simply restart your computer and start using the program.
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