DroidJack 5 Crack + License Key Free Download {2024}

DroidJack Crack is a powerful Android mobile phone remote control software. The software allows users to complete the control of the mobile phone on the computer and does not require you to operate the mobile phone. This program allows you to easily manage, delete, move, and upload files, this version does not have any functional limitations, come and try it!

DroidJack Crack free

Droidjack Cracked Free Download is a very powerful Android mobile phone remote control software. Users can control the mobile phone on the computer through this software. It can meet the user’s file browsing, transfer, and other operations, and meet the user’s diversified use needs. I like this software. Friends, don’t miss it. You May Also Like To Download Advanced SystemCare Pro.

DroidJack Key Features:-

  • Support the generation of the required app, you can bind the app to the APP on your mobile phone
  • The control of the mobile phone can be completed on the computer side, including file deletion, file browsing, file transfer, etc.
  • View the function of SMS, send and receive Operations, and support the control of mobile phone calls
  • Contact management, GPS positioning, file management, and other functions support

How to Use DroidJack Crack?

  1. After downloading, open DroidJack.jar (PS: Java runtime environment needs to be installed here)
  2. Portal == ” JDK13.0.1 download ” ==
  3. Enter the port you need to listen to in the following Port,
  4. Then click Off to switch to the listening state.
  5. Then select Generate APK to create an APK with a Trojan.
  6. The options from top to bottom are:
  7. App Name: The name of the App
  8. File Name: The name of the file
  9. Dynamic DNS: external network IP
  10. Port Number: external network port
  11. The following is to select the path to save the APK. 
  12. After everything is ready, click Generate, and a prompt appears to indicate that the creation is successful.
  13. Next, send the APK to the mobile phone, and the mobile phone can go online after running
  14. You can see that it has been successfully online

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